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  • "PennyAuctionSoftis great My grandsons wanted iPods for Christmas, but I am out of work. Through Penny Auction Soft, I was able to get them, one for as little as $2.82; plus I won $475 in gift cards, one for as little as $0.60"

  • "There couldn't be a happier Panny Auctioner than me right now My husband and I really needed a getaway. Luckily, I won 2 Visa gift cards totaling $150 These gift cards will give my husband and I the much needed weekend away. I can't wait to share this with him"

  • "As I was bidding, my roommate was asking me how it was going. Gazing at the screen, I watched the timer read "3...2...1... SOLD" winning me this VIZIO 32" HDTV for $2.60. Answering his question, I did some awesomeair kicks to liberate my adrenaline"

  • "For my friend's 23rd birthday, I gave her a 32GB iPod Touch that I won on Penny Auction Boutique. She was so excited when she got it that she showed everybody. When she shared how I got it for $15 and received it three days later, they couldn't believe it If you are a fan of exciting auctions, this is the site for you"

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